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yves saint laurent rules my world

sorry - long time no post

tonight - eurobeat for the second time!

today. markets. with a cute boy. mmmmmmmm. cute boys. way too young and have not much in common but i still think he is pretty. and i'm single now so am happily allowed to look at boys. ha ha!!! i'm enjoying being able to flirt again.

tomorrow 7o's gig again :o( boo hoo. waste of time. then mikes gig. anyone want to see some good jazz come to the black note cafe to see mike stewart trio. they are fucking fantastic. + the fact mike rules.

prac teaching freaks me out.

concert was great! kids sung really really well, i was so proud.

emma moved in!! woo hoo! it's now a house of women. grrrrl power. although some would say it was a house of women when mick was here anyway... (just joking!)

nick had a hernia operation. he's stuck at home. poor baby. people should ring him and go and hang out.

love you all!! proper post later

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