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tin cans and nose bleeds

that heading doesnt mean anything, it just popped into my head.


it sounds like it should be some rock musicians biography.
maybe i could sell it to jimmy barnes?

i'm heading up to cornerstone in Mt.Barker in a minute as i've picked up a teaching gig for next semester.

in even brighter news, i went to the optometrist and can get glasses!!! woo hoo. they will be mega-fuck off thick, but that's better then being nearly blind in the right eye. Mike is helping me choose frames :o) god love the boy/man.

so now if you come talk to me and i'm wearing glasses and look at you real real funny???
it's cause i never knew you were all so PRETTY!

i had a pretty interesting. emo as fuck on friday.
slowly adjusting to getting singel, then

there was much pity for myself and many tears of desolution adn conritement.
(did i make contritement up? sounds good)

however part of being a grown-up is having to listen to your head, as well as your heart. and i know this is the right thing.

it's just lonely going to bed at night.

sat night was better.


steve and i went to big band swing and jitterbug danced for three hours. the most fun i've ever had with clothes on.

watch out fuckers, steve and i will carve up cranker like you've never seen, and we will be the envy of lesser movers and groovers then our esteemed selves.

no shit.

then pulfords fringe and i went out for drinks. i like pulford. no stress, easy to hang out with/chat to. no pressure to conform or be exciting or interesting. nice to just be normal.

then the usual suspects. cranker/shotz etc.

it was really cool.

oh - and emma made downpayment on the room with blackadder. i like her style.

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sorry, but jimmy barnes already has like. 3 or 4 biographies.

and they are usually named after his songs :P

'too much aint enough love' i think is the first maybe.

He's all 80s hair on it.

my mum thinks that's hot.

Love Chip



do you think i should put it into the university poetry competition?

Love Chip