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the magic of the dance



last night we went to watch mike and pulford play in a Salsa band at the arkaba. joy and i got there early and did the pre band salsa class, i think we learnt the merengue. it was fun!!!i was the man and got to lead which was funny as i'm about a foot shorter then joy.

emma arrived, and then we danced!! and danced!!! and DANCED!! and it was non-shotz non-scene dancing. i'm talking pure booty shaking hip swinging latin rhythms. frikkin gold. i was sweaty like someone who spent 3 hours dancing and had to sit down to recover.

Pulford was dancing the stage up, and has hips of pure spaghetti, hot as fuck. what a funny dude. Mike played flute solo's, and now i cant help seeing him as will farrell in Anchorman - the bit where they're ion the restaraunt.

then san giorgio's... we plied joy with mucho alcohol and it was great. she and emma got very excited discussing their favourite vegetables, and we played "i went to the record shop".

emma's idea of the night was putting into the kitty, and mike being elected treasurer. so nesxt iem the pizza is paid for.

on a sadder note, ruth left today. i wanted to cry for her and steve at the airport. other peoples goodbyes make me sad.

i wish i'd gotten to know her earlier then i did. we can be friends on the internet though.

so now i'm going to pay for all the stuff i've bought off ebay lately.

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