summer_moved_on (summer_moved_on) wrote,

melbourne and clarinets

just saw chloe off on plane to commonwealth games choir singing thing.

am feeling a little empty.... she's only gone for 4 days, but it's pretty much the only 3 days i get to see her a week so am a little emo.

however am off to play clarinet in school concert band, which is kind of scary/exciting, as my sight reading pretty much sucks and i actually cant play clarinet that well. anywho, if the arctic-cocking-monkeys can learn to play their instruments in like, 5 minutes, i'm sure i can to



went to watch jazz last night, was really good stuff, hung out with luke, mike and dave after, mike just back from teaching sax and lecturing in jazz at a uni in NEW YORK which is pretty mindboggling. did an album of his own stuff over their with major players too. wow. i'm not a musicians arsehole to be friends with these guys. Anyways, mike and i went for pizza and talked about the demise of his once beautiful and perfect marriage to a girl i'd known since age 13. pretty sad and tragic tale, but arent all broklen marriages like that? so was really nice to renew the aquaintance, i'm glad he's home. we'll have to keep him safe and happy. anyone out there got hot single friende? are hot and single themselves? i'm on a mission to relieve mike of his broken heart.

or at least get laid.

on that note, i'm off to play the CLARINETTZZZ! (it rhymes with INTERNETZZ you know!)
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