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ardtic injuries and manikay yolgnu

remember how i smashed up my shin abusing/dancing to the arctic monkeys? well anyways it's getting infected and is painful as all hell so i'm going to the doctors.

its really deep and the scab is gross, it looks really really fucked up. and kind of red around the edges.

in other breaking news i had a really interesting lecture on aboriginal manikay and bunngul song from nth east arnham land, and wangga song from nth central.

"yolngu" (pr. yol-ng-ew0 means "the people" (as in aboriginal). "manikay" means "song" so "manikay yolgnu" means song of the aboriginal people. how rad. likewise "bunggul" menas song and ceremony. so "yolgnu bunggul" is song and ceremony of the aboriginal people.
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