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summer moved on

Saturday, July 29, 2006

2:09PM - le goon bleu


this is the shit.

you know what a blue lagoon is right? - gi, blue curacao and lemonade.

emma and i invented our own version. it's called - "le goon bleu" (geddit, geddit???)
and involves goon, (fruity gordo moselle) instead of gin.

my head hurst so so so much that i want to never drink it again.


emma i'm in your corner for life.

promise, cause i love you like fuck.


Current mood: hungover

Thursday, July 20, 2006

6:19PM - yves saint laurent rules my world

sorry - long time no post

tonight - eurobeat for the second time!

today. markets. with a cute boy. mmmmmmmm. cute boys. way too young and have not much in common but i still think he is pretty. and i'm single now so am happily allowed to look at boys. ha ha!!! i'm enjoying being able to flirt again.

tomorrow 7o's gig again :o( boo hoo. waste of time. then mikes gig. anyone want to see some good jazz come to the black note cafe to see mike stewart trio. they are fucking fantastic. + the fact mike rules.

prac teaching freaks me out.

concert was great! kids sung really really well, i was so proud.

emma moved in!! woo hoo! it's now a house of women. grrrrl power. although some would say it was a house of women when mick was here anyway... (just joking!)

nick had a hernia operation. he's stuck at home. poor baby. people should ring him and go and hang out.

love you all!! proper post later


Current mood: bouncy

Thursday, June 29, 2006

4:31PM - exams are over!


i can't believe that exams are finished. hoo fucking rah.

now i just have to finish prac teaching and prepare for student concert, and i can have a WHOLE WEEK OFF!!!

wow. i want to go away for a few days a think. really detox and get my head straight.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

1:22PM - theory

bruce hancock

you can suck my balls. dick weed

i dont care about your harmonic suspension or what the first choice scale is for a Db7b9b13. (if anyone cares its actually a Db phrygian)

i hate you and your old man pants, and the fact you wear a thin brown belt with black shoes.

and i hate your moustache. and the creepy way you wear your hair.

and i dont like the smug way you demonstrate things on the piano as if everytime you play you're waiting for one of us to go... "Wow, you can really play"

argh. so much hatred inside of me right now. holiday's soon though!

last night, after theory,
sue's house,
personality test!!! (i'm a leader apparently)
royal oak.
tom's fringe has a new sax!!! sounded great. really kind of bright? but i liked it.
drank gin,
tried to swing a little, my intonation out.
greg meyers had his mike up waaaay too loud.

back to sue's. more goon.


secrets are great.

i'm in a little bit of denial about some stuff. there's someone that i miss and it's hard to pretend not too everytime i see him.

i'm not in love
i'm not in love
i'm not in love


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

1:46PM - tin cans and nose bleeds

that heading doesnt mean anything, it just popped into my head.


it sounds like it should be some rock musicians biography.
maybe i could sell it to jimmy barnes?

i'm heading up to cornerstone in Mt.Barker in a minute as i've picked up a teaching gig for next semester.

in even brighter news, i went to the optometrist and can get glasses!!! woo hoo. they will be mega-fuck off thick, but that's better then being nearly blind in the right eye. Mike is helping me choose frames :o) god love the boy/man.

so now if you come talk to me and i'm wearing glasses and look at you real real funny???
it's cause i never knew you were all so PRETTY!

i had a pretty interesting. emo as fuck on friday.
slowly adjusting to getting singel, then

there was much pity for myself and many tears of desolution adn conritement.
(did i make contritement up? sounds good)

however part of being a grown-up is having to listen to your head, as well as your heart. and i know this is the right thing.

it's just lonely going to bed at night.

sat night was better.


steve and i went to big band swing and jitterbug danced for three hours. the most fun i've ever had with clothes on.

watch out fuckers, steve and i will carve up cranker like you've never seen, and we will be the envy of lesser movers and groovers then our esteemed selves.

no shit.

then pulfords fringe and i went out for drinks. i like pulford. no stress, easy to hang out with/chat to. no pressure to conform or be exciting or interesting. nice to just be normal.

then the usual suspects. cranker/shotz etc.

it was really cool.

oh - and emma made downpayment on the room with blackadder. i like her style.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

1:30AM - all good things come to an end

sometimes life doesn't turn out the way you thought it would.

and it's funny how every song you hear seems directed at you. especially the jazz ballads.

this is a beautiful tune, and at the moment very, very apt. i think i'll put it in my rep.

Just friends, Lovers no more
Just friends, But not like before
To think of what we've been
And not to kiss again
Seems like pretending
It isn't the ending

Two friends, Drifting apart
Two friends, But one broken heart
We loved we laughed we cried
Then suddenly love died
The story ends
And we're,
Just friends

Current mood: depressed

Wednesday, May 3, 2006


you deny me pointlessly.

not that you'll ever read this.

but i always cared. emotions get in the way sometimes but no reason to destroy a friendship.

now next time i see you i will accidentally want to burn your shit up with my ciggarettes.

come back when you've grown up.


Current mood: cryptic


It's been so long since i've posted.

Saturday I went to the Raddest birthday party ever, bowls!! it was fun. i was grumpy and stressed at first as i had SOOOO much uni work to do, but after a beer and hanging out with ian i found it was fun. I did a really awesome shot whcih i'm still proud of.

Emma Angas i love yuo so so so so so so smuch and i'm glad we chatted. it was good for my heart.

sunday joy adn dan come over, adn we pulled an all nighter - seriously. they left at 7:30 - 8 am, and i'd JUST gotten my tunes assignmetn finished. cant believe it's over. i'm scarred for life.

then mon night up till 1 studying, then last night up till about 4. so since last fiday night i've had about a maximum of four hours sleep a night, and 1 hour sunday. I feel delerious, like i'm going to keel over.

i'm really getting over it now, plus all the teachign. i'm tired and i want a week off.


got to uni this morning to find mike waiting for me in caf with coffee in hand. kind of like a runner going past roadside water boys. that kind of made it all better. he's on my team for life. chloe also supportive as fuck. she made me coffee and heated lasagne adn went through my yr 9 worksheets to see if she could answer the questions. which of course she could.

nick was on radio last night, i missed it though :o( i got caught up in orchestra assign and didnt realise time. i'm finding i need complete quiet to work in. cant handle the distractions.

crampy going away next week! cant believe it. not that i see him anyway, but wierd to know he wont be here at all.

gigs a little thin on the ground... bloody winter. anyone want to book me?


anyone who's around tonight - naome-oh-my is playing at super-gay. i shall be attending with emma and lisa.

Monday, April 24, 2006


The amicable labrador of peace, is humping the leg of myspace.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

6:48PM - the magic of the dance



last night we went to watch mike and pulford play in a Salsa band at the arkaba. joy and i got there early and did the pre band salsa class, i think we learnt the merengue. it was fun!!!i was the man and got to lead which was funny as i'm about a foot shorter then joy.

emma arrived, and then we danced!! and danced!!! and DANCED!! and it was non-shotz non-scene dancing. i'm talking pure booty shaking hip swinging latin rhythms. frikkin gold. i was sweaty like someone who spent 3 hours dancing and had to sit down to recover.

Pulford was dancing the stage up, and has hips of pure spaghetti, hot as fuck. what a funny dude. Mike played flute solo's, and now i cant help seeing him as will farrell in Anchorman - the bit where they're ion the restaraunt.

then san giorgio's... we plied joy with mucho alcohol and it was great. she and emma got very excited discussing their favourite vegetables, and we played "i went to the record shop".

emma's idea of the night was putting into the kitty, and mike being elected treasurer. so nesxt iem the pizza is paid for.

on a sadder note, ruth left today. i wanted to cry for her and steve at the airport. other peoples goodbyes make me sad.

i wish i'd gotten to know her earlier then i did. we can be friends on the internet though.

so now i'm going to pay for all the stuff i've bought off ebay lately.


Current mood: hungover

Monday, April 17, 2006


figuring stuff out.

it's always good to have an ear and an mind to put towards problem solving.

but i think my probs are ok,


thankyou emma.

keeper of the flame.

Current mood: hopeful

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


i'm on uni holidays,

so why do i feel like i've got nothing done? because i'm still teaching that's why.

have so much work to do :o( but it's all good.

didnt go out on weekend, well, kind of did, but didn't go to shotz, cranker, and went to hang out with fellow musicians. was grand. lovely boys. mike you rule my life best hamandcheesetoasties iloveyou.

no outz this weeknd either as in waikerie with nicks folks. am already suffering from withdrawls!!! but it's good - house is so cuntingly clean that can run around and not bump into any clothes!!! apart from sharmins and i've even put them in a basket.

kim, you are dynamic, and divine, Sounds wierd, but sometimes a good confidence shatter is good for realising it. i've had similar self doubt ect. over the past few months.

my friends i love you all. like. so much. i want to come out and play again but it will have to wait.

chip what the fuck is the name of the marsalis piece we have to transcribe for theory? i've lost it again.

xx cheerio.

ps emma i miss you.

Current mood: complacent

Thursday, March 30, 2006


so... further to emma's eastside/westside story of mod and scenester falling inlove against the odds.

its going to happen in real life.
as we speak.
i've seen before me the evidence.

take this as you will...

sharmins mod enemy dj & team indie kassavett.

both thrust together in their place of work.

both in uniform,
blue baggy shirts,
nice shoes.

in their drone clone clothes,
the uniform hides
their true identity
each other.

what if they become close?
become closer?
form bond of friendship?
possibly romance?

then, out one night, modest mod rides past shotz on his scooter,
singing the kinks at the top of his voice,
waving a union jack
(has he ever been to fucking england btw?)
team kassavett waits in line outside and they
catch each others

in an instant, their brief and fragile happiness is torn asunder.

true identities revealed, can they go back to the way they once were?

or is it more the fact that they are powerless against the rising tide of their feelings for each other!
Stop the world! they want to get off!

to be continued...

*n.b. all people in this story ARE real, however insinuating homosexuality in the context of this story is not designed to offend or belittle either parties involved.

Current mood: mischievous

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


goodbye my small friend.

though we never met,
though i never kissed your brow,
though i never watched you as you slumbered,
you were always part of me.

Current mood: melancholy

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

12:41PM - arranging

arranging rules my life.

choral arranging is so much fun when you're not constrained by conventional arranging techniques.


we're told to think outside of our square, so i've picked a poem and i'm setting it to music for 4 part choir.

i dont know if this will be considered innapropriate because it's my own composition as opposed to re-arranging someone elses pre-conceived notions. but fuck it. arent' i arranging the melody i'm hearing in my head? is that not valid? i will finish it anyway, just for myself.

I Am Not Yours - Sara Teasdale

I am not yours, not lost in you,
Not lost, although i long to be
Lost as a candle lit at noon,
Lost as a snowflake on the sea

You love me, and i find you still
A spirit beautiful and bright,
Yet I am I, who long to be
lost as a light is lost in light

Oh plunge me deep in love - put out
My senses, leave me deaf and blind
Swept by the tempest of your love
a taper in a rushing wind

although i'm in two minds of what the author is actually saying... my first impression is that she is lamenting that the other persons passion does not match hers, and wishing to be completely taken over by them... or it could be her pasion does not match the other persons? see the second verse.

any idea's?


Current mood: creative

Friday, March 17, 2006

10:27AM - melbourne and clarinets

just saw chloe off on plane to commonwealth games choir singing thing.

am feeling a little empty.... she's only gone for 4 days, but it's pretty much the only 3 days i get to see her a week so am a little emo.

however am off to play clarinet in school concert band, which is kind of scary/exciting, as my sight reading pretty much sucks and i actually cant play clarinet that well. anywho, if the arctic-cocking-monkeys can learn to play their instruments in like, 5 minutes, i'm sure i can to



went to watch jazz last night, was really good stuff, hung out with luke, mike and dave after, mike just back from teaching sax and lecturing in jazz at a uni in NEW YORK which is pretty mindboggling. did an album of his own stuff over their with major players too. wow. i'm not a musicians arsehole to be friends with these guys. Anyways, mike and i went for pizza and talked about the demise of his once beautiful and perfect marriage to a girl i'd known since age 13. pretty sad and tragic tale, but arent all broklen marriages like that? so was really nice to renew the aquaintance, i'm glad he's home. we'll have to keep him safe and happy. anyone out there got hot single friende? are hot and single themselves? i'm on a mission to relieve mike of his broken heart.

or at least get laid.

on that note, i'm off to play the CLARINETTZZZ! (it rhymes with INTERNETZZ you know!)

Monday, March 13, 2006

10:00AM - i have a hangover

after going at it pretty hard saturday, 2 gigs, then drinks at the garden, then shotz home etc,I kicked on all through saturday, drinking in town with my friend ray in the afternoon, then fringe show with sue.

bonus points to me.

end result is i feel like crap. dizzy, hungover, sketchy, shakey. i wish i could sleep for a few more hours but i just lay there. maybe i'll try the lounge.

i wish emma and shoeman were here.

was cool hanging out with mel and geoff, geoff is lovely.

as is mario!!! yay mario he's my new friend/still stuck in the 70's co-conspiritor. i wonder if he's on the internet? i might try and find his band. i'm sure they'd have a myspace because they look like those kind of kids.

my head hurts. i feel like eating a chop but there is none. i might order chinese food and get it delivered. i dont care how much it is i just dont want to leave the house.
or put clothes on.

woe is me. i'm in fucking pain. argh. and i need to go to dr for him to change the dressing on my wound.

you have to say it like woooouuuund. in a scottish accent. it sounds better that way.

i miss nick why does he have to wrk on public holidays? and chloe. bloody choir camp. no chloe next week either cause she's in melb. singing at commonweaslth games so i'll hardly see her :0(

i'm stopping this post now because i'm just feeling sorry for myself!

Current mood: groggy

Monday, March 6, 2006

10:19AM - some highlights from the best man's speech at the wedding I sung at saturday night

(theme of speech was comparing Groom to a used car - giving him the 100 point check)

"Took him for a test drive, and he handled really well! Gear lever firm with a surprisingly soft knob. but after driving for a little while, white stuff came out of it then it went soft"

"Checked manuals to see if full service history had been kept, but i dont think Stormy's is classed as a full service - although they do a good lube job"

memo to self - never ask pig farmer/yobbo to be best man if i ever consider tying the knot,

Current mood: tired

Thursday, March 2, 2006


my leg reaslly fucking kills.

like, i'm in pain and its a dull fucking constant weeping throb. i told jason from shotz it getting infected was intstant karma for my rudeness to him.

nick and i went to see La Clique last night. i dont think we've laughed so much in ages. the rubber man was probably the highlight, just for the way he kept throwing out confetti amongst other things. completely random.

i urge you all to see it if you haven't already!!

i'm off to my first violin lesson now!! and then doctors at 3 to have my wound swabbed out and re-dressed. yum.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

11:06AM - ardtic injuries and manikay yolgnu

remember how i smashed up my shin abusing/dancing to the arctic monkeys? well anyways it's getting infected and is painful as all hell so i'm going to the doctors.

its really deep and the scab is gross, it looks really really fucked up. and kind of red around the edges.

in other breaking news i had a really interesting lecture on aboriginal manikay and bunngul song from nth east arnham land, and wangga song from nth central.

"yolngu" (pr. yol-ng-ew0 means "the people" (as in aboriginal). "manikay" means "song" so "manikay yolgnu" means song of the aboriginal people. how rad. likewise "bunggul" menas song and ceremony. so "yolgnu bunggul" is song and ceremony of the aboriginal people.

Current mood: content

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