summer_moved_on (summer_moved_on) wrote,


bruce hancock

you can suck my balls. dick weed

i dont care about your harmonic suspension or what the first choice scale is for a Db7b9b13. (if anyone cares its actually a Db phrygian)

i hate you and your old man pants, and the fact you wear a thin brown belt with black shoes.

and i hate your moustache. and the creepy way you wear your hair.

and i dont like the smug way you demonstrate things on the piano as if everytime you play you're waiting for one of us to go... "Wow, you can really play"

argh. so much hatred inside of me right now. holiday's soon though!

last night, after theory,
sue's house,
personality test!!! (i'm a leader apparently)
royal oak.
tom's fringe has a new sax!!! sounded great. really kind of bright? but i liked it.
drank gin,
tried to swing a little, my intonation out.
greg meyers had his mike up waaaay too loud.

back to sue's. more goon.


secrets are great.

i'm in a little bit of denial about some stuff. there's someone that i miss and it's hard to pretend not too everytime i see him.

i'm not in love
i'm not in love
i'm not in love

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