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i have a hangover

after going at it pretty hard saturday, 2 gigs, then drinks at the garden, then shotz home etc,I kicked on all through saturday, drinking in town with my friend ray in the afternoon, then fringe show with sue.

bonus points to me.

end result is i feel like crap. dizzy, hungover, sketchy, shakey. i wish i could sleep for a few more hours but i just lay there. maybe i'll try the lounge.

i wish emma and shoeman were here.

was cool hanging out with mel and geoff, geoff is lovely.

as is mario!!! yay mario he's my new friend/still stuck in the 70's co-conspiritor. i wonder if he's on the internet? i might try and find his band. i'm sure they'd have a myspace because they look like those kind of kids.

my head hurts. i feel like eating a chop but there is none. i might order chinese food and get it delivered. i dont care how much it is i just dont want to leave the house.
or put clothes on.

woe is me. i'm in fucking pain. argh. and i need to go to dr for him to change the dressing on my wound.

you have to say it like woooouuuund. in a scottish accent. it sounds better that way.

i miss nick why does he have to wrk on public holidays? and chloe. bloody choir camp. no chloe next week either cause she's in melb. singing at commonweaslth games so i'll hardly see her :0(

i'm stopping this post now because i'm just feeling sorry for myself!
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